Happy Fall

Happy Fall

I’ve been slacking on consistently posting on my blog – I’ve been very busy with freelance projects lately! All of a sudden I realized it was FALL! I love this time of year. It really hit me today because of the weather. It’s the perfect fall temperature – not too warm and not too cold. Although it was about 45 degrees this morning… But right now I’m craving some cold apple cider and a caramel apple!

Recently, I’ve developed an obsession with a new website called Creative Market. They have everything!!! Designers, artists, developers, and so on, create anything from photos, fonts, graphics, themes, plugins – basically everything that I love to work with as a designer. Anyways, the image above is something I put together using graphics from Creative Market! A huge thank you to the person who created the font and background – it’s perfectly relevant!

Enjoy the fall season everyone!

– Leah L Baker

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