Favorite Fonts

I have a huge obsession with fonts. I love everything about them, it’s secretly my favorite part in a design. I am also a big stickler when it comes to fonts. I think they make a strong impact in a design. Nothing drives me crazier when I see a logo/design that has a font which simply does not go well. I can’t explain the horror!

When choosing a font, you have to consider and analyze every detail of the font you may plan on using. My biggest suggestion to other designers: Do not settle on the first font you think may look ok. Keep looking, the perfect font is out there. You really have to look at the fine details; for example having curves or pointy ends on a sans-serif font… DETAILS, people, details. There are so many decorative fonts on the web (I’d love to use them all), but please remember that viewers need to actually read what it says. It may look pretty and fancy, but be realistic.

I could honestly spend all day looking at fonts!

Anyways, I’ve provided some images of my favorite fonts. Most of them are free, so take advantage of that. Enjoy!

– Leah L Baker

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