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Design Enhancements

A majority of the clients I work with are in need of a new brand and/or website, which is wonderful. But it’s also important to keep your website (and occasionally branding) up-to-date. I’m not talking about minor technical changes, I’m talking about appearance. Times change and this includes design appearances.

A successful business should keep their website (and branding) current with the vastly changing world. It’s amazing how much web design has changed in the past five years alone. It’s hard to image your current beautiful website looking old, but it happens. It’s like cell phones, you need to update every few years.

Solution: Sometimes all you need are a few design enhancements. It’s low cost and gets the job done without paying a chunk of money to completely (and unnecessarily) redesign the entire site or branding. Think of it like painting your bedroom – its a small task but makes the whole room look better.

I’m open to jobs, both big and small. If you’re needing a little touch up on your site or branding, contact me to get started! Email:


-Leah L Baker

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