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Design Enhancements

A majority of the clients I work with are in need of a new brand and/or website, which is wonderful. But it’s also important to keep your website (and occasionally branding) up-to-date. I’m not talking about minor technical changes, I’m talking about appearance. Times change and this includes design appearances. A successful business should keep […]

Free Gift – Christmas Name Tags

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I just love this season! To share a little joy with you, I’ve put together some christmas name tags that can be downloaded and printed. These beautiful designs are brought to you by these designers at Creative Market: Olesia Skripak and Natallia Babuska The two files are based off of their designs, so I […]

Favorite Fonts

I have a huge obsession with fonts. I love everything about them, it’s secretly my favorite part in a design. I am also a big stickler when it comes to fonts. I think they make a strong impact in a design. Nothing drives me crazier when I see a logo/design that has a font which simply does not […]

Happy Fall

Happy Fall

I’ve been slacking on consistently posting on my blog – I’ve been very busy with freelance projects lately! All of a sudden I realized it was FALL! I love this time of year. It really hit me today because of the weather. It’s the perfect fall temperature – not too warm and not too cold. […]


I began the summer by taking a trip to California with my boyfriend, Tony. We stayed in Palm Springs, and the moment we landed I realized I never knew what a hot day felt like. We were welcomed to 109 degree weather! In Palm Springs, we road the Aerial Tramway which took us over 9,000 […]

Screen Printing

I’m reflecting on the screen printing course I took during my last semester at Wesleyan. I enjoyed this course because we used digital processes within Photoshop and Illustrator to create designs and patterns. You’ll see some example images below. I loved that we could print on practically anything. I even put my logo on some […]

Designs for Redbubble

I’m very proud to say that I’ve been selling some of my design work on It’s such a neat website for designers and artists to create their work and be able to sell it on various products like t-shirts, stickers, phone case, and so much more! I’ve added an image of one of my […]

Top Con 2015

I had a wonderful opportunity to go to Top Con in Chattanooga, TN this past weekend. And what an amazing time it was! I met some amazing and unique designers. There were five speakers on Saturday: James Edmondson (amazingly talented typographer), Logan Faerber (awesome comic illustrator), Adé Hogue (creative letterer), Bethany Heck (riskful typographer and […]